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Dr. Millar is a certified Sports Specialist Chiropractor and ART practitioner in London, Ontario. He is available Monday through Saturday and after-hours for emergencies.

As an athlete and active person, he truly understands how limiting even the smallest injury can be. Contact us now so you can start getting your body and life back on track!

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Patient Reviews:

“I tried a whole bunch of different techniques. I’ve tried physio a few times, but the problem kept coming back.  After a few referrals from other athletes and coaches I did some research and began looking for an ‘Active Release Technique’ practitioner in my local area.  It was an added bonus when I discovered a practitioner with a knowledge and first hand experience of treating problems and injuries specific to my sport.  After I contacted Dr. Millar, my initial problem has gone away and I stick to a regular maintenance schedule once every two weeks.”

Andrew Woegerer – University student and Varsity team swimmer

“For people who think there’s no light at the end of the tunnel – think again, contact Dr. Millar.  If I hadn’t had my condition looked after, I was faced with having to resign from my job of 6 years. A job I love doing. I would have had to stop all my regular activities and, well, just fade away.  I’m so happy I found this treatment in time, before I had to give up something I like doing.”

Murray MacFarlane – Corrections officer

“I had shoulder problems two years ago. When that went away, I continued with maintenance treatments to break up the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles when training.  I’ve seen big improvements in my swimming. Practices are easier — my sprint times have gotten faster – and I no longer suffer from soreness in my back after training.”

Paul Kwatyra – University student and Varsity team swimmer