Chiropractic Manipulations

Chiropractic adjustments consist of high-precision manoeuvres performed, by hand, on one or more of the joints in your body. Such manipulations can relieve pain and restore your full range of motion for optimal function, without the need for more invasive medical procedures.

Also known as “manipulations”, chiropractic adjustments are probably the most well-known facet of chiropractic treatment, and just the beginning of the wide variety of treatments offered by Dr. Millar.

As with any medical treatment, restoring your body’s physical function to optimum is the primary goal of a chiropractic manipulations. Pain is a symptom of some underlying problem; its relief is a welcome side effect of the reduction or elimination of that problem.

This is why, although pain relief is usually very quick, the length of your treatment and frequency of your sessions can vary widely based on a number of other factors.

Generally speaking, patients battling chronic or severe conditions – especially those related to other health issues – will require longer treatment plans. In addition, those whose overall health and/or fitness level is less than ideal often find their bodies are slower to heal.

Of course, treatment length and type largely depend on the nature of your injuries; while “ballpark” estimates and best-guesses are possible, accurate assessments are best given following individual analysis.

Your recovery process, aided by chiropractic care, has three important stages.

  • Initial Treatment • relatively frequent appointments are initially focused on immediate symptomatic relief of swelling, pain, and other discomforts.
  • Rehabilitative Healing • once your symptoms are reduced to a manageable level, you’ll transition into rehabilitative treatments with a focus on retraining your body, moving the healing process forward and preventing a relapse of your condition.
  • Wellness Maintenance • you’ll learn important techniques to sustain your new found comfort through a variety of channels, including periodic maintenance (regular chiropractic check-ups), lifestyle adjustments and helpful therapeutic exercise techniques to keep you in good health.

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