Chiropractic Treatment For Runners

Many people associate chiropractic treatment for runners with recovery from injuries, but the truth is that it’s often even more beneficial to incorporate chiropractic adjustments into your ongoing training routine.

A sports chiropractor can offer specialized chiropractic treatment for runners, tennis players and other high-impact athletes who are constantly on the move. For peak athletic performance in any sport, natural stress reduction and elimination of toxins important – and even necessary. Many athletes rely on chiropractic treatments to help them maintain better overall health all year round, whether they’re competing, training or just having fun.

Endurance athletes require special mention, because they routinely subject their bodies to intense, prolonged stresses. These types of athletes deal with unique physical challenges; for example it is not uncommon for a marathon runner to experience knee pain, tendonitis, and back or neck pain as a result of prolonged strain. This discomfort can often be traced back to a loss of flexibility in the spinal column disrupting nerve transmissions and irritating nerve roots. This irritation can cause or exacerbate a range of other discomforts in the body, frequently including pain in the joints.

Chiropractic treatment for runners and for endurance athletes focuses on clearing nerve transmission pathways and minimizing irritation of the nerve roots. This, in turn, minimizes related dysfunctions that will, if left uncheck, lead to an impaired range of motion.

This kind of chiropractic care improves spinal mobility and increases joint flexibility, leading to increased physical endurance and decreased injury recovery time.
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