Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment is the healing art concerned with care for the joints, muscles and nerves.

Chiropractors at London Sports Chiropractor treat joint and soft tissue injuries using a variety of chiropractic treatment techniques. 

Chiropractic Manipulation Treatment also known as “Chiropractic Adjustments” is perhaps the most widely used chiropractic treatment. It is a safe and gentle procedure involving the manual adjustment of the joints – usually the spine.

Ultrasound Therapy can relieve discomfort by reducing swelling in inflamed muscles and joints.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation produces a tingling sensation that relaxes tense muscles.

Soft Laser Therapy uses invisible light that can painlessly reduce tenderness and stimulate tissue repair in injured muscles.

Electro-Laser Acupuncture combines electrical pulses with the same low intensity infrared light used in soft laser therapy. Electro-laser acupuncture is used for reducing pain and treating headaches, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and a variety of other conditions.

Myofascial Release helps restore flexibility and can decrease pain in tight, sore muscles. This is done by releasing adhesions (sticking) between the muscle and surrounding fascia (fibrous tissue around and between muscle layers) which usually develops as the result of an injury. A big part of myofascial release is the use of ART – Active Release Technique.

Active Release Technique (ART) is used for the chiropractic treatment of hypertonic (extremely tense) muscles that have become resistant to normal stretching techniques. When a muscle is injured – due to tearing or bruising – a small amount of bleeding occurs. This turns into scar tissue ‘adhesions’ between the muscle and its protective sheath (fascia), which restricts the sliding of the muscle as it lengthens. ART acts to break up this scar tissue to allow normal movement to the muscles.

“I strained a muscle swimming butterfly when I was little. What happened was, scar tissue had developed around the injury. Whenever I exerted myself and started breathing hard the muscle would spasm.
I received a chiropractic treatment called ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’ on my neck. Now, I never would have thought that a problem in my neck could affect my ribs and the way I breathe – but I found out that there’s actually a nerve that goes from my neck to my diaphragm.
Ultrasound was then used to break up the scar tissue and after three weeks I started to notice a difference. Each time it reoccurred it was less severe and would go away quicker.”

Andrea Sweeney – Graduate student and triathlete

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