Electro-Laser Acupuncture

Electro-laser acupuncture can be applied to treat a variety of conditions and focuses on pain relief and management. This non-invasive therapy method has proven particularly effective in the treatment of pain related to:
  • Headaches
  • Lower back injuries/sprains (including herniated or bulging disc and even sciatica)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

How Does Electro-Laser Acupuncture Work?

This type of treatment combines controlled electrical impulses with low-intensity infrared light (the same harmless form of energy used in soft laser therapy).

Typically, a beam of focused light (from a laser diode) is directed onto an acupuncture point. You won’t feel anything in the area to which the invisible, infrared laser beam (830 nanometres – created by energizing gallium arsenide) is applied, except that the muscle will feel more relaxed afterward. Then, electrical pulses are slowly introduced, causing a sensation similar to a needle repeatedly touching the skin. However, the only thing touching the skin is the applicator tip, which is a small tube (similar to the end of a small straw), and the only thing passing through the skin is laser light and electrical pulses. The sensation of a needle comes from the electrical pulses turning on and off very quickly.

During electro-laser acupuncture treatments, your practitioner will focus the beam and electrical pulses steadily on a single acupuncture point for five to ten seconds, depending on the circumstances and desired outcome.

This treatment technique offers several distinct advantages over classical needle-based acupuncture.

It’s no secret that many people can be averse or even afraid of needles, (especially children); such patients cite laser acupuncture as being much more relaxing and enjoyable. In addition, the use of light and electrical pulses as opposed to needles means that laser acupuncture is usually a non-invasive, aseptic procedure, without the risk of infection as found with needle acupuncture.

This significantly reduces the pain and recovery time associated with some other forms of more invasive treatments.

With just a few exceptions, electro-laser acupuncture can successfully remedy the same range of conditions as needle acupuncture treatments.

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