Throughout the thorough examination Dr. Millar listens and explains carefully.

The length of your first appointment is generous, to allow for a thorough assessment, including a review of your case history, a careful examination of painful areas, orthopaedic and neurological tests, and X-rays if necessary.

Dr. Millar will explain the cause of your injuries, and will work with you to devise a treatment plan that works for you.

In any chiropractic examination the ‘Golden Rule’ is…
NEVER presume what the problem is!

For example, if a person walks in who is experiencing lower back pain this may very well be a ‘symptom’ – but it may not be the ’cause’ of the problem. It may be easy to presume by the way they’re walking that the problem is in the hip. But what if it’s not?

Which is why, in every examination, a Whole Body Approach is taken. It should never be assumed that pain in one area of the body is the ‘root cause’ of the problem. If the time is taken early on to carry out a COMPLETE examination – then a proper treatment plan can be put in place with definite results.

Dr. Millar has over 20 years experience in modern chiropractic care. In this time he has established his own unique Chiropractic Testing and Benchmarks System for diagnosing and treating various ailments.

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