Laser Therapy For Pain

Looking for a solution to your pain?

At London Sports Chiropractor we use lasers which are one of most effective therapeutic tools ever discovered.

Laser therapy for pain is already widely-used in Europe with much success, and increasing numbers of Canadian and American doctors are now discovering this powerful technique for themselves. The low-level lasers used in this treatment are quite gentle; completely different from high-intensity surgical lasers.

Laser therapy and its biological effects have been thoroughly studied and documented for over forty years around the world. To date, no unwanted side effects have ever been recorded.

Although laser therapy penetrates deep into the affected areas, helping to eliminate your pain at its source, the technique is completely non-invasive. SLT helps reduce your healing and recovery time while it relieves your physical discomfort and promotes increased circulation to your injury.

How does Laser Therapy work?
Laser bio-stimulation delivers energy directly to your body through billions of tiny light particles (collectively called “waves”). This focused light energy is absorbed by your body at the cellular level where it is converted to chemical energy, which your body uses to fuel tissue repairs.

Laser Therapy– the therapeutic bio-stimulation of soft tissues through low-level laser light – results in decreased inflammation, reduced pain and noticeably accelerated tissue healing and regeneration for the vast majority of patients.

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