Nutrition For Athletes

One of the most controversial topics when discussing proper nutrition for athletes in every sport, is what an athlete should eat in order to optimize performance and recovery.

It goes without saying that different sports have different requirements when it comes to nutrition for athletes.

The Nutritional Requirements are also different at each stage:

  • Training
  • Pre-competition
  • During competition
  • Recovery from training or competition

In order to thoroughly cover all these topics, I’ve divided the information into each of the topics listed above.

These topics are then sub-divided into three general sport types:

  1. Those requiring near-maximal effort (above 75% Max) in bursts of a few seconds to one minute duration (typified by the sprinter in athletics).
  2. Those requiring medium effort (60% – 75% Max) whose duration is one minute to 90 minutes (typified by the middle distance runner in athletics).
  3. Those whose duration is greater than 90 minutes (40% to 60% Max), where endurance is the governing factor (typified by the marathon runner or triathlete).

I have purposely left out one group: those requiring maximal effort for only a few seconds (typified by the weight lifter). Their nutritional requirements are much different than the other three because they are geared more to the building of muscle mass.

Relative amounts of protein, carbohydrate and fat are important.
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