Peer Reviewed Publications & Resources:

Chiropractors at McMaster University:

  • The formation and direction of a university-based multidisciplinary chiropractic working group

Chiropractors and Collaborative Care:

  • An overview illustrated with a case report
  • Although not typical, there appears to be a growing trend of chiropractors working within collaborative care settings. We use a case report for resources to highlight features of patient care and education related to chiropractic practice within a collaborative care model. This paper hopes to offer some insight and resources into how a chiropractor might fit into a collaborative setting and what training might help them to function effectively.

Interprofessional Education through shadowing experiences in multi-disciplinary clinical settings

  • The World Health Organization has recently added Interprofessional Education (IPE) to its global health agenda recognizing it as a necessary component of all health professionals’ education. We suggest mandatory interprofessional shadowing experiences as a mechanism to be used by chiropractic institutions to address this agenda. IPE initiatives of other professions (pharmacy and medicine) are described along with chiropractic.

Chiropractors and Pharmacists in a Family Health Team:

  • Unlikely allies in the collaborative management of pregnancy-related low back pain
  • Although chiropractors often practise independently, there is evidence that a growing number are being integrated into multidisciplinary care environments.

Interprofessional Education for medical students in clinical settings:

  • A practical guide for an elective half-day

Interprofessional and Integrated care of the elderly in a family health team

  • Family physicians provide most of the care for the frail elderly population, but many challenges and barriers can lead to difficulties with fragmented, ineffective, and inefficient services.
  • To improve the quality, efficiency, and coordination of care for the frail elderly living in the community and to enhance geriatric and interprofessional skills for providers and learners.

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