Sports Specialist Chiropractor

London Sports Chiropractic is a Sports Specialist in London Ontario

A Sports Specialist with experience and expertise to put you back in the game.

Sports Specialist chiropractors not only treat back and neck pain – they also specialize in the treatment of the extremities.

As a Sports Specialist Chiropractor, I have an in-depth understanding of the ‘whole body’ connection and a unique set of skills to treat injuries that go beyond just back and neck pain.

A Sports Specialist Chiropractor must undergo an additional two-year post-graduate degree that puts emphasis on the treatment of injuries sustained through physical activity on top of their general chiropractic training.  There is also a greater emphasis on the treatment of extremity injuries – shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist sprains, hip pain, knee pain and ankle sprains.

Your initial consultation will include a Thorough Chiropractic Examination. We’ll also discuss the type of training you do in your sport, the intensity, your routines, diet – anything that can affect your performance.

“My goal is not just to reduce the pain for now, we want a long-term solution.  After all, I don’t want the problem to come back as soon as you return to your sport!”

Dr. Donald Millar

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By taking a Whole Body Approach’ to Chiropractic Care, Dr. Millar uses treatments designed to make you feel better and perform better NOW – while also helping to solve the underlying cause of your pain. (Find out where pain comes from)
Soft tissue treatments including Active Release Technique (ART)Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)Laser Treatments, and Ultrasound allow us to…

  • Relax your muscles
  • Reduce any swelling and inflammation
  • Increase your range of motion and flexibility
  • Help reduce your pain and stiffness

Dr. Millar will also use a chiropractic testing and benchmark system to document exactly where you are before and after every treatment. This gives a specific, measurable way to track your improvement at each visit.

Accurate diagnosis, proven treatment plans, and consistent testing are three of the reasons why our average treatment plan is just 6-12 treatments over a 4- 6 week period.

A visit to a Chiropractic Sports Specialist is much shorter – and much more effective – than a traditional chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Since I know you don’t like missing even a day or two because of soreness or pulled muscles, we’ll also spend time talking about injury prevention.

This includes everything from stretching and exercise to nutrition and lifestyle choices. All things you can do – personally – to strengthen your body and prevent many injuries from happening in the first place.

By being proactive, you’ll find yourself spending less time on the sidelines… and more time doing what you love.

As with any area of expertise…
If you have a specific problem – you need to see a specialist!

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