What is a Sprain?

What Is A Sprain – And How Can It Be Fixed?

Put simply, a sprain occurs when one of your joints is made to bend past the point it was designed to.

When you sprain a joint, it stretches the ligaments connected to it. This causes the joint to move out of alignment – swelling occurs – and you experience pain.

Reduce the swelling – realign the joint — reduce the pain.

When an injury moves the joint out of alignment, this misalignment stretches the ligaments surrounding the joint causing pain which in turn causes the muscles to tighten. The end result is the body’s way of forming a ‘splint’ to reduce movement in that area so it can heal.

Chiropractic care is a step-by-step process used to quicken this healing process.

Each chiropractic treatment should offer a decrease in pain. The pain may come back – though not as much — but this doesn’t mean the treatment didn’t work. All this means is, that’s all the relief we’re going to get at that point.

Pain is not the best measure of recovery. The pain will actually disappear before the problem is totally healed.

To understand this, think of a cut you’ve received on your finger. The first thing that happens is a scab forms. When you press on the scab it hurts. A week later you still have the scab, but if you press on it, it doesn’t hurt.

It’s the same with your sprained ankle or knee. The pain will be gone before the area is totally healed. It will take a few more treatments after the pain is gone before you regain full strength in the affected area. This may mean taking an extra week or two of rest in order to ensure the pain doesn’t came back – but it’s well worth it.

The first step in treating a sprain is to loosen the swelling.

This is done through a combination of soft laser and ultrasound. Once the swelling is removed we adjust the joint – because we’ve reduced the swelling first, adjusting the joint is no longer painful.

Next we work on the muscles connected to the joint with Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS. This acts to relax the muscles so the joint can stay properly aligned.

Any tightness remaining in the muscle is removed with soft laser, or a myofacial release like ART. (See Help Reduce Pain and Swelling)

So, the process for treating a sprain is:

  • Loosen and flush out swelling in the joint
  • Adjust the joint
  • Relax the connected muscles
  • Finish with myofacial release to draw out any leftover swelling

Modern chiropractic care is not about blind guesses and never ending treatments. After every session, you should KNOW the affected area is getting better. Not because you THINK so – but from the results of a specific chiropractic testing and benchmarks system.

Not only should you be experiencing a relief in pain – but you should also be noticing an increased range of movement in your day-to-day activities. If not, then the root cause of the problem has not been found.

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