Squeamish About Chiropractic Care?

Are you squeamish about chiropractic care?

If you are squeamish about chiropractic care, in particular about chiropractic adjustments of the joints, you will be happy to know that London Sports Chiropractor also offers Soft Laser Therapy which uses invisible light that can painlessly reduce tenderness and stimulate tissue repair in injured muscles as well as Ultrasound Therapy, which uses high frequency sound waves to reduce inflammation and swelling.  These two therapies will help to ensure that your joints are less tender to work on and that there will be less chance of tenderness after chiropractic adjustments.  If you are totally adverse to chiropractic adjustments, these two therapies can be used alone without any chiropractic adjustments.  However, you should be prepared for the fact that your recovery will be slower.

If you are new to chiropractic care, you should know that it has grown in popularity and has recently become more mainstream. Even if you’ve heard of chiropractic care, you may simply not think it’s appropriate for you, or you may have some doubts about a treatment that sounds too new or experimental for your taste. In truth, chiropractic care is a great option for many people, as it optimizes the immune system and can help to ward off illness, in addition to soothing and realigning the spine and other joints.

To optimize the results of chiropractic care, regular adjustments should be paired with healthy lifestyle habits, nutrition and moderate exercise. With a holistic approach to health, patients can see improvements not only in their pain levels, but also in their gait, posture and balance. All of these factors can help improve your mobility and comfort, and by extension, your quality of life.

Many may not realize the breadth of health conditions that chiropractic care targets. Many acute conditions can be improved by chiropractic care as well- including headaches and dizziness.

One of chiropractic care’s major goals is to optimize wellness and help patients simply feel better on a daily basis. At any age, this is particularly important for enhancing quality of life and helping patients to stay active and well.  Chiropractic care can help to improve everything from energy level to mobility to sleep quality. And above all –the overall health goals of chiropractic care do not discriminate based on age, gender or athletic ability!

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