Testing & Benchmarks How Modern Chiropractic Care Ensures A Quick Recovery

Modern Chiropractic Care has come a long way from the days when treatments went on for months — or years — with little or no improvement!

In fact, with the introduction of Orthopedic testing and the setting of ‘Benchmarks’ – in most cases modern chiropractic care can lessen pain and increase range of movement with every treatment.

And it all starts with listening…
A good doctor is a good listener.
“Every comment a patient makes should be noted on their chart.”

My belief is that if a person has mentioned pain in an area 2 weeks in a row – it’s time to find out why.

While this goes beyond the training chiropractors formally receive, your complete history should be made known and every comment you make noted on your chart. This is where any good treatment begins.

For example, if you’re experiencing pain while bending over to put your shoes on – or when you get into or out of your car – or any other specific movement – modern chiropractic care will make note of this and any related comments you make.

By then placing you back into the position causing you pain – the muscle or joint needing treatment can be quickly located.

  • When does it hurt?
  • What position are you in when it hurts?
  • Are there certain movements that cause pain or discomfort?

With the unique techniques used in Sports Specialist modern chiropractic care, we’re able to pinpoint the area needing treatment. If you’re having trouble putting your sock on one week – and the next week this hasn’t improved – you know there’s something out of alignment.

By feeling along the muscles used when in certain positions, we can quickly find the pain and realign the joint this muscle is connected to. Now, when you next go to put your sock on – and there’s no pain – we know we’ve fixed the problem.

This is why it’s so important to know a patient’s FULL history – to listen and make note of every comment they make. A good chiropractor should know their patients better than the patient’s mother!

To give you an inside look at how we test, here’s a glimpse at some of the benchmarks used to ensure lasting improvement…

First of all every adjustment can be tested for improvement. Every improvement is noted and a benchmark is set for that improvement to continue.

At the beginning of each treatment, the affected area is tested for range of movement and given a numerical value.

Let’s say you come in to see me with a knee problem. Your existing range of movement, in a straight leg raise is 30 degrees.

We now set a benchmark – for example, 90 degrees. With every treatment you undergo, you should see an improvement from the initial 30 degrees – to the benchmark of 90 degrees.

After the first treatment, you’re now getting 40 degrees movement – then 55 – then 75 – then 90. When 90 degrees movement is attained, THEN you can resume full physical activity.

This testing of benchmarks is not done every 10-20 treatments – it should be done EVERY treatment.

Experience has shown that this level of improvement is possible with most patients. In any area of the body – by testing 2-3 things – it is known what will work best and which treatment to use to ensure improvement.

You will know after each treatment that the affected area is getting better.

Not only will there be a relief in pain, you will also begin to notice an increased range of movement.
You will actually SEE this improvement as a numerical value and KNOW that you’re getting better, thanks to Modern Chiropractic Care methods.

Whereas before it may have hurt to get into the car – or bend over – these movements will become increasingly more comfortable.

Modern chiropractic care leaves nothing to chance.

Gone are the days when treatments went on and on with no end in sight.

Now we’re seeing immediate results and lasting improvement happening in weeks and months…

No longer do you have to wait months and years!

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