A Thorough Chiropractic Examination

In any thorough chiropractic examination the ‘Golden Rule’ is…

NEVER presume what the problem is!

Dr. Millar ExaminationFor example, if a person walks in who is experiencing lower back pain this may very well be a ‘symptom’ – but it may not be the ’cause’ of the problem. It may be easy to presume by the way they’re walking that the problem is in the hip. But what if it’s not?

A thorough chiropractic examination must take into account ALL factors. When you presume – that’s when things are missed — misdiagnosis occurs — and why treatments go on way longer than they need to. A thorough chiropractic examination is a very exact science with NOTHING left to chance.

Which is why, in every thorough chiropractic examination, a whole body approach is taken. It should never be assumed that pain in one area of the body is the ‘root cause’ of the problem. If the time is taken early on to carry out a COMPLETE thorough chiropractic examination – then a proper treatment plan can be put in place with definite results.

Take the back for example.

If the back is sore – a good chiropractor will also look for pain in the extremities. Is there pain in the:

  • Hip
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • They will also check for muscle pain in the:
  • Gluteal
  • Hip Flexor muscles
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Calf or Shin muscles

Even if the muscles are just ticklish – not really sore – but if there is ticklishness on one side and not on the other. This is an indication there’s a bit of a pinching of the nerve on that side in the lower back.

So, while treating the lower back, attention must also be paid to the extremities so these can be cleared up as well. Again, treating the symptoms AND the cause is the only way to ensure lasting relief.

It’s the same when dealing with joint or muscle swelling. If the examination is done through the clothes – chances are something is going to be missed. A thorough chiropractic examination involves a complete visual check of a person’s skin. Being able to see the skin, you are better able to diagnose the condition and find where the problem is.

There is a technique used in modern chiropractic care where the EXACT location of pain or inflammation can be found. This is done by gently rubbing over an area of the body until the swelling is brought to the surface. This swelling will be SEEN as small red blotches on the skin. Even when rubbing over a large area, you will only see these blotches of red EXACTLY where the pain is – usually about the size of a large coin. You know then that these are the spots of inflammation, and you can then work towards drawing the swelling out.

Treatment for pain or injuries can only begin when the precise cause is found.

Diagnosis can only occur when the whole body is taken into consideration — each symptom located — and the appropriate treatment prescribed.

It all begins with a thorough chiropractic examination – where NOTHING is left to chance.

Dr. Millar has over 25 years experience in modern chiropractic care. In this time he has established his own unique chiropractic testing and benchmarks system for diagnosing and treating various ailments.

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